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I have no Internet and almost no cell reception. Hoping the hotspot holds out long enough for me to get the word out. Never lost power for more than a minute. Really can't complain. It's going to be a lonely day away from the world, though.
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I love my family.

I really, truly do. We're a strange breed -- perhaps even unique. We speak a language I believe my mother created. Months can pass, but we pick up right where we left off. We laugh often, openly, and freely. We're quick-witted and clever. We love trivia and share all the useless junk in our heads. We're easygoing and self-deprecating. I love us!

Confessions of a Serial Drinker

This is really hard for me. I'm ashamed to make such a public declaration, but I deserve it; it's time to come clean about my infidelities. I've been cheating. It's true! I've been seeing Jack Daniels and Maker's Mark for quite some time now. Everyone kept it adult. There were no problems. However, I crossed a line tonight. I brought Old Smuggler home with me, and he's a nogoodnik. I'm ashamed of myself.


Bart: That’s even sadder than being friends with Milhouse.
Milhouse: You know something, Bart, I’m getting tired of things like that.
Bart: Tired of what? I dump on you and you take it, that’s how friendship works.
Milhouse: Not anymore. Friendship over.

Oh, man. I wish I'd caught the rest. I need to download this episode.
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Just before "Cool Rider"...

Michael: How 'bout a hamburger later?

Stephanie: Oh, I'm busy.

Michael: How 'bout tomorrow?

Stephanie: Busy.

Michael: So maybe you can explain about the bowling alley, eh? I mean, you just don't kiss a guy and...

Stephanie: Look, the kiss was just a joke. Forget it.

Michael: Let me give you a hand.

Stephanie: Oh, I can manage. Look, I said I can manage.

Rhonda: I think he's in love.

Paulette: I think he's kinda cute.

Stephanie: I think you two should shut your yaps.

Michael: You forgot this one.

Stephanie: Thanks.

Michael: How 'bout the day after tomorrow? ... Stephanie!

Stephanie: Look, when are you gonna get the picture?


(no subject)

Crush: OK. Squirt here will now give you a rundown on proper exiting technique.
Squirt: Good afternoon. We're gonna have a great jump today. OK, crank a hard cutback as you hit the wall. There's a screaming bottom curve, so watch out. Remember: rip it, roll it, and punch it.
Marlin: It's like he's trying to speak to me; I know it.
[to Squirt]
Marlin: You know, you're really cute, but I don’t know what you're saying. Say the first thing again.


"In order to access this page, you must be accessing this site from behind your modem."

What in the HELL does that mean? I'm pretty tech savvy, Optimum, and that sounds like nonsense to me. I just want to pay my bill, please and thank you. Ugh.


For the record, here are some "celebrities" I have trouble telling apart:

Barry Watson and Timothy Olyphant
Kim Kardashian and Nicole Scherzinger
Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry

I don't really know who Josh Lucas is, but I'm surprised he's not Bradley Cooper.

Andy Samberg is a young Adam Sandler
Jonah Hill is a young Seth Rogen
Leelee Sobieski is a young Helen Hunt

For reasons unknown, Matthew McConaughey is Owen Wilson is Woody Harrelson -- if you mix them all together, it almost makes sense ... almost.