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Stupid courtesy e-mails!

Still flustered about applying too early. Flustered should be a choice for "current mood." I was not helped/comforted by the stupid, automatically generated, courtesy e-mail I got from, either.

One of the last jobs I applied to before this one sent me a "Thanks for the resume" e-mail with no information in it. It's like a big tease! You think you're getting some kind of closure, a yes or no, perhaps. Nothing!

Thanks for the resume.
But we won't tell you yet whether or not you get
A chance to interview with us or what this job will net.
How lucky you are.

And, thanks for the resume.
The cover letter's neat. It really must be sweet.
We haven't read it yet. It's sitting underneath our feet.
How yucky we are.

We're writing to tell you nothing.
We're not in a hurry at all here.
We've no information for you, dear.
Just felt like dropping you a line.

But, thanks for the resume.
We thrilled to every word. Oh, wait. Now that's absurd.
We prob'ly haven't read it yet and won't until March third,
But thank you so much.
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