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Mean Girls and naps and Tylenol

crashrose and I saw Mean Girls this weekend. Has anyone else seen it? I thought it was quite good. There was a little hyperbole -- the bus, for example -- but otherwise, it was a fairly good rendering of the high school experience. It wasn't Citizen Kane, but then again, I haven't seen Citizen Kane.

Today, I'm tired and dizzy. This is annoying but not uncommon. Everyday, I say I'll come home from work and take a nap until crashrose gets home. Then one thing leads to another, and after I've checked my e-mail, read and commented on Live Journal, and watched The Simpsons, there isn't enough time.

I'm tired of being tired.

The goal today is to nap when I get home. If I can't sleep for a sufficient number of consecutive hours at night, maybe it's time to break it up a bit and sleep for fewer hours more times a day. It's worth a shot, anyway.

This morning, I woke up to my cousin Lynn. Have you seen her yet? This was the first time I saw the commercial. I think it's really cool. I mean, I knew Lynn worked for a drug company. I'm from central Jersey; half my family works for one pharmaceutical company or another. It's just kind of neat to see your cousin on TV.

Oh well. I should go finish getting ready.
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