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Peets-borg! Peets-borg!

Explanation of subject: I was once on a Greyhound bus, which was stopped dead in traffic, just outside of Pittsburgh. There was a loud, obnoxious man with a heavy Russian (?) accent. He had been drinking cans of beer for hours and talking more and more loudly to the people sitting around him. In any case, when we got stopped so close to our destination, he began chanting/yelling "Peets-borg! Peets-borg!" I subjected crashrose to my rendition most of the way here. :)

We're here! crashrose is out and about, hanging out with a friend of hers. I stayed in the hotel to make some phone calls and try to set up some plans. I've already spoken to alannabear and good friend P/S. I also left a rambling, pointless message for fasterthanlight... Sorry, FTL.

If you're in the area, give me a call or stop by! :)

Last night, the Ramada at which we stayed had free wireless access. As the kids say, w00t! Now this Marriott has free high-speed, wired but welcome, especially since they provide a cable. (We had brought our own, just in case, but I left it in the car.)

It's good this place has free popcorn, internet, and coffee because the customer service is not quite what I remembered... We made a reservation weeks ago (maybe even in excess of one month's time), but they didn't have any one-bedrooms when we got here. They also angered an obnoxious family in line ahead of us by not having any non-smoking rooms available. What the heck is the point of a reservation if they don't bother reserving anything for you? The studio is cheaper and just as nice; it's just the principle of the thing. Meh, whatever.

Peets-borg! Peets-borg! That is all.
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