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I'll have to recap the weekend for you, but first...

saintdani is engaged!! To some guy! Cardinal Jim Something-or-other? ;)

Last night, revvoice proposed in a big, big way. He got down on one knee, wielding an elven ring, and it brought the house down. What a finale!

You know how everyone has that one friend who makes bad choices? And you go to the wedding, grit your teeth, hope for the best? Well, I don't have that. All my new friends keep proposing to my old friends, and it kicks ass! I'm so happy for saintdani, alannabear, and fasterthanlight! I'm equally happy for revvoice, M, and Si. :)

momtastic asked me once if I thought revvoice and saintdani would get married. I think I said sure or of course; they have to because they make each other whole.

I don't know the Rev terribly well; I haven't known him terribly long. Never the less, it is my understanding that unbridled revvoice is electric and volatile, shocking and zapping his way through life, pulsing and surging, burning and getting burned. A swell fella who needs a bit of grounding, seeking that third prong on the electrical plug. Enter the lightning rod: saintdani. She keeps that electricity in check; she grounds him. (Is this metaphor dead yet?)

Since I've known saintdani, she's been reserved, quiet, and understanding. She spent so much time understanding and getting trampled that she was never truly happy. It was all about everyone else, and she was kind of content on the sidelines. Too settled, too grounded. She carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. But revvoice gives her wings. He lifts her up and shows her off. For goodness sake, he got her on a stage last night, and she DIDN'T know she was getting the ring!

And she's honest with him and open with him, and they're real. That's how it should be. These are my friends, and they're great people. I love you, saintdani and revvoice. You're better together than you ever were apart, and I am so happy you found each other. You're blessed. All the best to you, always.
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