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At work. Not working. What else is new?

Well, since there is literally nothing to do here, I thought I might as well post something in my shiny, new journal. In fact, I'm even going to grace you all with a new (old) picture of my head.

If I've done it correctly (and no one can be sure about that), this is a picture of my head from Katie's graduation party a little over a year ago. It was thinner then.

Still haven't gotten the kitchen packed, but that issue seems less pressing now -- my landlord has already rented the place. Now, who, in his right mind, would rent an apartment without seeing it? I mean, isn't that a fairly dangerous practice?

The good news is that I won't have to deal with people traipsing through my apartment before I have moved out. Hooray for me!

I had my first SuperCuts experience today. I'm a touch disappointed as the only visible difference is in my wallet. The haircuttress (that's a new word I made up) told me that it shouldn't flip out all mulletty-That-Girl (another new word: Margot Thomas + Billy Ray Cyrus = me pre-haircut) in the back anymore, but that remains to be seen. I'm keeping my fingers crossed... when I'm not typing...

My, this entry is chock full o' parenthetical asides!

Back to work!
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