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This is SO not interesting!

If you're not me, you probably won't care about this at all. Why am I writing about it? It's my journal, damn it! ;)

For at least ten years, I've been buying size 8.5 sneakers. That has been my shoe size. It has worked for Airwalks, Vans, Skechers, and I think even the Converse All-Stars. Even my dress shoes were size 8.5 until very recently. The shoes I wear to work every single day and which I purchased just after I got my job nine months ago are size 9.

Yesterday, I tried on some running shoes Katie bought. They are size 8.5, and they made my right foot angry. My big toe on that foot wanted to stretch out, but that wasn't an option. I'm still wearing my last and greatest pair of size 8.5 Skechers, which I bought for myself just after graduation about two years ago. (I also bought myself a leather trenchcoat around that time because I'm cool. You don't believe I'm cool? Ask revvoice; he has the same coat. But I digress.)

Now I'm in the market for a new pair of sneakers, though I am loathe to part with my last and greatest Skechers. I've just purchased two pairs (and a new pair of work shoes).

If I am still an 8.5,


If I am now a 9,


I favor the first option, but I could certainly be happy with the second. I wish these had been an option.

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