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WARNING: eBay geekiness to follow...

I ordered a shiny and snazzy new briefcase! Well, I bid on one, and I lost. BUT I noticed that the same seller had ~20 of the exact same briefcase available with a "buy it now" option at a price of $33.95. Sooooo, I made my max bid $33.50. The individual who outbid me, therefore, had to overpay for his briefcase by winning it at a price of $34.50.

Then I get a second chance e-mail saying that either 1) the guy who won couldn't pay for some reason or 2) the seller had another of the same item and was willing to accept my max bid ($33.50) for it. I already new the seller had more than one; he had ~20 listed under a different I.D. It was cool, though, that I got to save $0.45 on the briefcase I was intending to purchase for $33.95 after my defeat on the auctioned one.

So, in conclusion, I was outbid for an item that I got to have, anyway, for 45 cents less than it was priced, AND the guy who outbid me got screwed out of a dollar or 55 cents, depending on how you look at it. Also, the briefcase sells for exactly the same price I paid -- $49.95 -- on the Mezzi (that's the brand it is) website, only the Mezzi website price doesn't include shipping, My $49.95 got me my snazzy new briefcase and its shipping and handling. =)

I apologize for any dizziness this post may have caused.

Here is my new briefcase:
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