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Be careful what you say in unlocked posts/comments

Because the Virginia Watchdog is, well, watching! :)

I said something on fasterthanlight's journal a while back, and I got an e-mail from the Watchdog today.

Hi there,


I read a comment on the live journal website
that you couldn't find JEB BUSH's and Columba BUSH's SSNs.


You can find them in two places on my


One is the link at the top of the page - Click on
his name which is at the top of the page and takes you to this


The other is in the open letter to Jeb Bush called
this below and dated 1/10/05:

Governor “JEB” BUSH
- Is privacy a concern to you only
when it involves yours but no one else’s?

The one at the top of my site also shows you how to see the blacked out
document on the Miami Dade County site but it does show the SSNs of the Lopezes
(people they sold their home to).  

Please tell your friends.  I am not a website whiz and am doing the best
I can but I feel if I take the time to write all this stuff and spend the money
that I have in the past almost three years  then people should read all
this stuff.

Many states have put these records online already and we should all be trying
to stop it and get those records back in the four walls of the courthouse.

BJ Ostergren

The Virginia Watchdog




I stand corrected. Sorry, Watchdog!
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