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My Space

So, I'm on My Space now, but I have no idea how to use it. A lot of people have asked me if I'm on it, so I decided to sign up.

Most recently, long-lost ex-roomie B told me she's on it. I miss her and would really like to see what she's blogging these days. I directed her here for my most recent ramblings.

*waves to B* :)

So, I saw this hysterical animated .bmp in a forward today, but I can't figure out how to share it with you... Only some of the people I e-mailed it to could see it properly. Oh well. Most of you are probably good people who wouldn't find it funny, anyway.

I know I never wrote about Pittsburgh or how awesome it was. It was, though! There was a margarita lunch and a trip to the library and some GREAT dishing and a party with LOTS of beer and a cab ride and a spiffy hotel... Everyone just rocked, and I had such an incredibly good time. I cannot WAIT to go back!

And Florida is soon, and KITTENS are soon! We leave for FL early, early Thursday, and on our way home from the airport on Sunday, we're picking up our kittens. We've decided to change their names to Maxwell and 99. This makes very little sense because they're both male, but I'm told 99 isn't overtly feminine. Also, most people aren't as pop-culturally old as I am and won't get the reference.

This weekend was crashrose's grandma's 85th birthday party. I ate SO MUCH! It was great fun, and there were many pictures taken; hopefully they'll be online soon. I was so glad momtastic and 1_dumb_mick could make it.

And now: back to sleeping. I'll try to be more interesting next time. G'night!
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