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My job kicks your job's ass!

We've reached the next chapter in the continuing saga of Why My Job Kicks Your Job's Ass! To recap, I get vendor swag on a continual basis: pens, cups, bags, sticky notes, golf tees, t-shirts, foam darts, paddle ball sets, beach towels, sweatpants, etc. Also, raffles! I've already won CorelDRAW and an iPod Mini.

Here we explore outside reps and meeting them for the first time after a year of working with them. (Today is my anniversary date at JOB, which is actually a company with another three-letter name.) In the past two days, I've gotten about ten free beers. AWESOME! You wanna buy me a beer? You go right ahead!

In a stunning conclusion to this new chapter, we revisit the topic of raffles. In this evening's raffles, we got to put in tickets from faux casino winnings. I didn't play, but my outside reps gave me the tickets they won. As a direct result...

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