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Itchy. Damn it.

I had at least one unpleasant mosquito bite on my right elbow when I left for the shore. It was so large and so close to healing kitten scratches that I can't confirm with any degree of accuracy whether it was a single bite or multiple bites or whether the itching was due entirely to the bite(s) or a bite-scratch (healing-scratch) combo.

Now I have no less than six mosquito bites on my calves and ankles. Well, that may not be entirely accurate, either. To the best of my knowledge, I have not been bitten by any insect other than a mosquito. I'm very quick to judge all itchy lumps as mosquito bites. I stereotype the mosquito. I attribute all irritating, itchy bumps on me to mosquitoes because I am very prejudiced against them; I loathe them. Spiders get a free ride, perhaps because they're arachnids and not insects. If one were to bite me, I would just blame it on the mosquito. It's subconscious. Poor mosquitoes don't have any chance at all with me. They're guilty until proven innocent. And that would probably only happen postmortem, as I kill the little fuckers on sight.

In any case, I itch. And it sucks. A lot.
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