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Cynth Presents the Brak Post Starring Brak

saintdani and revvoice gave me DVDs: the first season of The Muppet Show and The Brak Show. I'm currently watching Brak's extras disk.

When I was in college, living in the dorms, Cartoon Network ran two episodes of Brak Presents the Brak Show Starring Brak. I taped them with my VCR. I printed out a homemade Braknificent label for the VHS tape. I watched this tape over and over and over again. I haven't yet had an opportunity to play this tape for kittengirly -- oh, but I will! alannabear and fasterthanlight have both seen the wonder and the splendor ... repeatedly.

The extras DVD, which I now own, has both episodes! On DVD! Unfortunately, you can't just play them straight through, but you can play just about all the scenes. Words cannot express how excited I am.

Furthermore, who remembers Cartoon Planet? This has Cartoon Planet clips! Music video for "Don't Touch Me!" I'm ... beside myself. Words just can't express ... joy ... rapture ... huzzah! :)!

This rocks! Thank you, revvoice and saintdani! I'm sure I will gush over the Muppets as well, but for now, I'm in Brak heaven. And so I will use my halloween costume Brak LJ icon for this post.
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