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GRRR!!! (A Post Script)

Comcast had the wrong phone # for us. We got screwed over a bit by the phone company with some sort of mix up when we first moved in, and so our phone number went from 0480 to 0577.

Kate called Comcast at 10:30 this morning to change the phone #, and they told her it was fine because they hadn't tried to call us yet; it was pretty near the 10 end of the 10 to 2 window they gave us. Now they're saying they called at 12:15, and there was no answer, so they cancelled the ticket.

Well, the guy called the # on the ticket -- the wrong #.

This is fine with them.

We have to reschedule.

Now, I ask you, even if it's too much to ask that they verify the # on the account before calling, shouldn't they call more than once or give us a chance to call back?? I mean, what if I were on another call or in the bathroom? What if (and I'm told this can happen) the guy dialed wrong?

How can you run a business with such a ridiculous, all-or-nothing approach? How are you going to make me wait around for 4 hours and then give me ONE phone call?

This angers me.

Kate rescheduled for tomorrow. No one call me between 2 and 6; I don't want to risk it. I guess I won't have any fluids before 6 tomorrow, either. Just in case.
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