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Pittsburgh Update

Okay, so here's the latest on this weekend's festivities:

Kate and I are heading out to PGH on Saturday, and we'll be spending Saturday day helping Lynda move boxes. Saturday night, Kate is going to go hang out with a friend of hers, and I will be spending time with any and all Pittsburgh people I can. Sunday, we hope to leave by 1, so unless you want to do breakfast/brunch, I won't be seeing anyone Sunday.

Pittsburgh Live Journal folk, please let me know if you'll have any time Saturday night/Sunday morning and would like to hang out.

On a more aggravated and random note, the freakin' central air keeps freezing, and then it gets really hot in here! I don't appreciate the irony of that while I'm sweltering and waiting for the ice to melt off the pipe, so I can restart the darned thing.
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