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Today. And this weekend.

Man, did I eat today! Two pieces of cake, a hamburger, a hot dog, a pickle, potato salad, and a tiny can of orange soda. I guess it doesn't sound like that much, but I ate it all very quickly. It was all tasty, tasty good.

I'm kind of depressed that I didn't even send any Mothers' Day cards or anything, and I didn't get the kitties anything for their birthday. Still, I'm grateful I got to see my mother, grandmother, godmother, and cats today. It was a good day.

I weighed the cats, and if my scale can be trusted, they each weigh exactly twelve pounds. Twelve! They're getting so big!

Nothing was accomplished this weekend. Not laundry, not cleaning. Nothing. But I did hang out with some people from work Friday night. We watched Pumpkin, which is quite possibly the worst movie ever conceived, written, acted, etc. I'm not sure if it's a comedy, but it was funny. And the ending? Well, that was really something special. Then I did some very minor grocery shopping yesterday and spoke to someone about getting my bridesmaid dress altered for alannabear's wedding.

Months ago, I bought two pairs of jeans because my jeans had become too big. One pair have become my default jeans. The other pair were my goal jeans. Today the goal jeans became a reality. They're ugly as sin and don't fit as I expected them to, but the important thing is that they fit. I'm down almost 30 lbs. and two pants sizes since Gargamel left. (She needed a nickname; it's Gargamel; I think that's funny. Better than "she" or "the ex.")
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