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Boylan's Ginger Ale!

Tonight was Girls' Night Out, hosted by a woman from work. We went to Old Man Rafferty's in New Brunswick. It was good and fun and nice. Yay. As we were about to leave, we walked through the little bakery thing. They have an incredible array of desserts. They also have lots of fancy salsas, sauces, dips, and things. They have a refrigerator case with beverages to go. They have Boylan's ginger ale!

This is the best ginger ale I've ever had. Ever. It's sweet, but it tastes like real ginger. It doesn't taste like roots or dirt, and it doesn't burn like ginger beer. It's the perfect hybrid of the ginger-less, mainstream ginger ales (like Schwepp's and Canada Dry) and dirty root juice from the organic food stores. It's the world's perfect food. (Bananas lie!)

I am so excited! Do you know how close New Brunswick is? Do you? Any time I have $1.33, I can go buy a bottle of Boylan's ginger ale! And I will drink it. And it will be mine. This is an exciting development indeed!
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