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I am a jackass!

This is hilarious. Here goes...

Working 11 - 8 means I don't often get to park outside the building in which I work. I usually park a building or two away. It sucks, but I get a great spot after lunch at 5.

This morning, there was one spot left in the parking lot. Hooray! No long walk! Unfortunately, I had to park in a pine tree. There were these really low, overhanging branches on the driver's side of the car. I ducked them as best I could, knocked some tree junk out of my hair, and went to work. I didn't move my car at lunch because I had lunch with my mom; she picked me up.

Tonight, I climbed into the tree where I was parked. I ducked down a bit, trying to be slick and avoid getting covered in tree junk. I lowered my head, opened the car door, and SLAMMED the door right into my nose. Not my whole face, just my nose. I must have had my head turned slightly, and I have an admittedly protruding proboscis.

What struck me (aside from the car door -- ha ha) was the sound it made and how very, very loud that sound was. Then the searing pain. Then the hilarity of the situation.


I nearly broke my nose with a car door, and there's no valid reason. I wish I knew the guy who was getting into the car parked right next to me, at the time. I want to ask him if he heard the sound and knew what it was. I want to know if it was just as LOUD outside my head.

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