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I accomplished more by 10:30 this morning than I usually do all week. I went to the bank and the post office and the pet store and the gas station. I picked up at least a week's worth of (junk) mail. So many circulars, so many loan consolidation scams.

This is my kind of weather. It's a light, cool rain that makes me feel light and cool, too. That's a big deal for a big girl. I'm almost weightless when I walk in the rain, and I have this big, goofy grin on my face. Remember, there's a pronounced bounce to my walk, so I must look like a fool, bouncing and smiling in the rain. I don't particularly care. :) I don't even care that my hair's gotten all curly. I love the rain.

Speaking of light, you won't believe what I weighed this morning. (I don't believe what I weighed this morning!) I've been skipping exercise because a few of you out there are more interesting to talk to than my FauxFlex -- more compelling, even, than DDR. Bad, bad influences all. For shame! ;) I've also been eating more, and I drank on Tuesday. Nevertheless, the scale said 161.6 this morning. I asked it two or three times to be sure it wasn't lying.

OK, time to go eat something and do some aquarium maintenance.
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