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Last night, I saw Superman, c/o my gracious hosts saintdani and revvoice. It was quite good, and I'm glad I went. :) Thanks, guys! I needed that.

The people of Metropolis are notoriously stupid. Glasses = the perfect disguise! This reminds me of a dumb girl thing I used to do. crashrose wore glasses, and whenever she'd take them off, I'd say, "SUPERMAN!" and give her a big hug. Sickening? Yes. Also counter-intuitive. I dig chicks with glasses; I hated when she wore contacts. Why encourage glasses removal?

Work continues to be hell. The superhero ISR I'm covering for will be back Friday and not a moment too soon! I'm home for lunch, and lunch today is the first thing I've eaten since lunch yesterday. Ugh. No time. It's killing me. I don't like being bored at work, but I like having a chance to get a glass of water or fix a packet of oatmeal.

Very much looking forward to alannabear's wedding next weekend and possibly ladies' night at the gay bar this weekend, if I can scrape up the cash. My full week off in September cannot come soon enough! My goals? Beer, beach, and bathing suit. I want to drink; I want to play in the sand; I want to wear a bathing suit, possibly without several layers over it. (When I've lost some more weight and made some more money, some of the more fashion savvy among you must help me select an appropriate piece of swimwear. Pleeeease?)

Oh well. As the dwarfs sang: Hi ho! Hi ho! Please don't make me go back to that effing place! (At least I think that's how it went...)
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