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Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

What a lovely weekend we had in Pittsburgh! We saw almost everyone we wanted to see. When we got in, we helped L and family move some boxes. I'm sorry we couldn't help more. That night, Katie went out with her sorority sisters, and I was off to A and M's and then Denny's bar for 75-cent, 16-ounce bottles of Old German and some touchscreen gaming. After that, A, M, and I went to a theatre party. What a blast! A and M's theatre buddies were so nice and friendly and fun.

Today, we had an awesome "quadruple date" with A and M, C and C, and FTL and Si. Greasy Ritter's food is even better when you have good friends with whom to share it! :) Next time I'm in town, I definitely want to have margaritas with fasterthanlight and kittengirly, see former roomie and good buddy S/P, and touch base with some of the folks at UCSUR.


For now, I want to go to bed; I'm exhausted!

Thanks for a lovely weekend, all. It did me a world of good.
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