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Quick Thoughts...

Early! Ugh!

Beer + Late + Early = UUUUGGGGHHHH!!!

I make bad decisions.

Yesterday, I stopped at a rest area on the PA Turnpike. An elderly couple came up and asked me if I was in line. I was, but I gave a timid "sort of" as a reply instead. The woman said they were, too, so they jumped in front of me. Let's call it respect of elders or whatever. No good deed goes unpunished, however. Before I got my food, no less than four people asked if I was in line and then didn't care about my response. One fellow and I had this conversation:

Are you in line?

Yes, I am.

Oh, OK. I wasn't sure; I thought I saw you talking to her.

THEN HE GOT IN FRONT OF ME! Immediately! There was no pause or shifty/shadiness or anything, just brazen, blatant line-cutting! Later, a woman came up and asked if I was in line. I told her I was, and she said, "Then how did he get in front of you?! That's my son." I just looked at her. I mean, what do you say? Then, in the parking lot, three cars pulled out in front of me. Not while I was driving, mind you, but while I was walking down the little walking path cars probably aren't really supposed to drive over in the first place. My cloaking device was working nicely. I had to smile/laugh. :)

There's a bridge between the Squirrel Hill Tunnel and Oakland that crosses over 376, and it keeps getting a more and more elaborate set up under it for catching the pieces. It's a really high bridge, and it used to just be wrapped in not-so-comforting netting. Now there's a giant platform thing under the bridge and its hairnet. Also not very comforting. I kind of feel like each time I pass under it I've cheated death. They should probably fix it or tear it down, instead of building bridge bit catchers under it. Just sayin'...

Today is the wedding. I'm nervous and excited. I'm also getting my hair done. Soon. I'm kind of like a junior bridesmaid. :) The planning happens around me, and there's always a sitter around to be sure I'm paying attention and know when to walk. I'm sort of a child, but they seem to love me anyway. I appreciate this. My friends are good.

Last night, I sat up talking and talking, mainly to thepiffer. I talked and talked, poor thing. I've really, really missed her. And alannabear and their male counterparts, of course! It's so very good to see old friends. Friends are the family we choose, not that there's anything wrong with the family to whom I was born. I'm a lucky girl all around. Blessed, even, since luck is a bunch of hooey.

I apologize for any and all e-mails sent last night. I don't even have the heart to go look and see what idiocy I spouted... :( Have you seen the TLC commercial where they point out "merlot and e-mail don't mix?" The same can be said of Miller Lite and e-mail.

OK, time to go. More later, I'm sure.
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