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Be it ever so humble...

There's no place like home! I'm glad to be back. That was a long, sleepy drive. Yuck. But I had a fantastic time at alannabear's wedding! I made a complete fool of myself to the point where people I could just vaguely recall from the previous evening were smirking at me this morning. Oops... At least a few of them told the happy couple they like me and/or I am funny, and I've been invited to every Bear family home anywhere in the country. I didn't make a horrible impression, and I'm content with my public embarrassment. I had so much fun!! :) I hope someone has some pictures soon and sends them to me because I would like to see them.

Next, I have to go visit thepiffer! I miss her muchly. I never forget that I miss her, but it's more obvious somehow after seeing her in person. She and her beau took good care of me this weekend. We had even more fun than I had beer, and that's saying something. Man, did I drink this weekend!

My apologies to everyone in Pittsburgh I didn't get a chance to see. There was just no time with all the wedding festivities. I need to spend months and months in Pittsburgh, so I can see everyone and do everything. Must pitch this idea to my boss...

I should sleep very well tonight. I've been getting just a few hours a night for the last ... indefinite time period. I'm kind of worn out. Also, girl shoes suck. I'll be burning my bridesmaid heels -- I chose very, very poorly. Time for the second half of my lunch, also known as dinner.
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