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Some sort of odd funk

I'm in some sort of odd funk, and I can't really place it. I'm not depressed, per se, or angry or sad. I'm just blah, and I don't know why. I mean, I have a couple of guesses, but neither is very good or quite worthy of this much meh.

My dreams are exhausting lately. Last night, I had this recurring one about changing the outgoing message on my answering machine. Clearly, this task is very much on my mind, and I don't actually know how to do it. I also need to clean up around here in anticipation of a kitty visit. Yay!

There was another recurring theme, if not a recurring dream, last night. I'm keeping that one to myself. Indeed.

I haven't been working out, and I need to get back in that habit. I am also getting back into the habit of eating too damn much. This angers me. I need to watch myself; I've made too much progress to start backsliding now.

Further tasks to complete:

- Call GEICO and see about changing my payment plan. I do NOT have six months' worth of payment to give them right now! But I do get an extra check next month... Before the bill is due, even... This one requires more thought.

- Cancel cell phone.

- Cleaning, de-cluttering, and laundering of clothes. (This is a long-term goal and insurmountable task.)

In talking with a friend yesterday, I rekindled my own interest in hosting semi-regular game nights. The friend in question used to work with me and gave me my cats. She is decidedly awesome, and in her one prior visit to my apartment, she ended up singing some Fine Young Cannibals with us during a rousing game of I Love the '80s. Yes, we need to do that again. :) Pittsburghers have an excuse, but locals, beware! There will be board games; you will be invited; be prepared.

A less pressing issue is the start of next month. Something or other happened about 25 years ago, and I'm not sure what to do about it. Does anyone want to do something? I would like to buy myself a Fudgy the Whale and some beer. Food is always good. Maybe Medieval Times or a hibachi place? But everyone is so broke, myself included. Maybe a quiet gathering here. Eh, I'll think on it. Whatever.
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