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It's so easy to assume I'm just an idiot.

Perhaps this is because my points are made poorly and often missed entirely. Disheartening. Oh well.

Here are some pet peeves of mine to make myself feel smarter. (Just indulge me for a minute; I'm groggy and grumpy.)

Gerunds take the possessive.

In some cases, the wrong choice results in nonsense, as illustrated by another of Brown's examples. The sentence He mentions Newton's writing of a commentary, though somewhat awkward, is preferable in his judgement [sic] to the alternative, He mentions Newton writing a commentary, which "though not uncommon, is still more objectionable because it makes the leading word in sense the adjunct in construction." In fact, the latter version defies grammatical analysis altogether, for Newton, which has the unmistakable form of a substantive, cannot be cast as the direct object here, as it is the writing and not the writer that is being mentioned.

It will never, ever be OK to say "between you and I." "Between" is a preposition, and the object of the preposition must be the objective "me." Always!

If you pronounce the D in the word "sandwich," please come and marry me. I'm a simple girl; that's really all I need. :)

Thank you for your time. This has been another obnoxious cynthtastic post, brought to you by the letters W, T, and F. Sorry for the persistent meh. I promise to be less of an intolerable bitch when summer is over.
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