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A thing I noticed about me

So, many of you have noted (mocked) my textural issues with food. I am anything but a picky eater, but certain textures really upset me. Gritty is bad. So is mealy. I believe I have isolated my favorite food texture: chewy.

I've been subsisting on frozen dinners for a while now, and most of them have corn. I LOVE what a microwave does to corn; it comes out chewy! I've also always liked microwaved baked potatoes because, if you do it wrong, there's always a leathery, wizened spot on the potato, like potato jerky. Chewy! Love it! I wish I could make the whole potato come out like that! Octopus? One of my very favorite food, undeniably chewy.

I like chewy. I am a very weird girl. Thank you.
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