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Weekend Update

Such strange goings on...

Yesterday, I went with momtastic to see Gamtastic. I'm so glad I did, even though it really upset me. She's just so fragile and mechanized, if you follow. It seemed like she's living through the many machines to which she's attached. All those tubes and wires, hoses and lines. It made me sad. I guess I can't explain it.

But she called me a turkey and sang her favorite commercial jingle. :) She's still Gam, and I love her very much.

And then I didn't really want to be alone with my thoughts. Fortunately, I didn't have to be. Instead: DDR and Goldfish and driving driving driving and diner food. Thanks, chief. I owe you one.

Today, J&J (the cat givers) came to visit with me and the boys. They seem to like me more and more, which is a strange development indeed! The more I geek out at them, the more they appreciate me. J likes comics and approved of the ones he saw on my shelf. They want to have game nights with me, and they're total pop culture dorks. (I say that with love.) Fun fun fun! Must begin game nights soon.

By the same token, I'm tentatively planning a function of some sort. (All right, it will commemorate a quarter century of me.) Beer. Ice cream cake. NO GIFTS! I have so many things! If you bring a thing, you'll be escorted from the premises, no cake for you! (All right, that's a lie. But don't give me things.) If you MUST bring something, food or beer is fine. Something that gets digested, instead of stored on a shelf for years and years. :) I'm thinking a Saturday? 7/29 or 8/5? Thoughts? Comments? Ideas? Suggestions? Concerns?
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