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Happy belated... saintdani! :) Many happy returns, hon. Sorry to skip out early, but it was quite a drive.

In honor of the occasion, we spent the day at the shore. I got to see many of saintdani and revvoice's friends (including the fabulous Ms. teejeans, whom I have not seen in too damn long), and everyone got to meet tripoverthings. It was hot and sticky, but it was damn, damn fun. I enjoyed myself. Having an awesome co-pilot to handle the tolls and the iPod DJ-ing and guide me out of my wrong turns certainly helped.

Now I am exhausted in a multitude of ways. I should sleep.

Oh! One last thing: I played a bit of DDR when I got back, and I got an A* on "Kick the Can" on heavy. 313 max combo (131 marvelous, 128 perfect, and 54 great). I kind of rule from time to time. :)
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