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So, I bought that hot belt. Had to. Muppets! I also bought this CareBear hoodie with ears because, while I'm not cute, I appreciate cute and probably secretly wish I were. :)

Anyway, after all that spending, I was hating myself because I still need to buy shorts (yuck), sandals of some kind (double yuck), and a bathing suit (yuck to end all yucks). And I'm going to have to try crap on because I don't know what size I am, particularly in guy sizes, and I will not wear girl shorts. Picture that for just a moment... See? Wouldn't work for me.

I always wear swim trunks with a bathing suit, and last year, I bought a pair that were super cool but too small. I thought I'd lose weight, but I gained weight. Lots of weight. I never got to wear them; they were too damn small. I found them and tried them on. They fit! They fit rather well, in fact, and they have a size in them: 32. It seems I'm a 32. :) If that can be trusted, I don't have to try on shorts, and I don't have to buy new swim trunks. Bonus! Score! Yay me!

So, I still shouldn't have spent what I spent, but I'll soon have supercool clothes, and as it turns out, I won't need to buy/spend as much for shore attire as I had initially anticipated. Go me! Stuff is good. Sweet!
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