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Well, that was interesting!

I got my license renewed, and oh how I wish I could show you the picture! I hope I don't actually look like that... :) Anyway, it only took ten minutes. Awesome. However, I had forgotten (or perhaps never knew) how badly morning traffic sucks. I left the MVC at about 8:45, and I didn't get home until 9:20. Were I properly attired for work, I'd have headed straight to the oil changing place, but I still need to ready myself for work and have absolutely no idea how long an oil change takes... Is it an hour? Two? Twenty minutes? Half an hour? Someone smarter than I am should clue me in, so I know how early I need to get up tomorrow to complete this task. Thanks. ;)

And I thought I was so smart! The highway was ridiculous, so I decided to get off of it. It was fun to drive again, what with the car moving forward and all, until I realized the road I so cleverly chose to take was flooded. A teaspoon of rain floods certain areas around here, and today River Road is more river than road. The detour is unmarked and creepy, much less creepy during the day. God only knows where I was this morning. I took a wrong turn when I got back to civilization and came back through parts of Middlesex I haven't seen in quite some time. Oh well. No harm done, and tomorrow's another day for the oil change, casual Friday to be exact! (That means I'll definitely be appropriately attired for work while at the Jiffy Lube.)

Speaking of readying for work...
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