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On being a grownup

Young me made bad choices. She did dumb things, but she didn't want to bother anybody. She didn't talk about it, except she did. She talked about it at all the wrong times and after the fact, and she sucked.

Old me makes good choices, with the occasional bad one thrown in here and there. Tonight, she made a good, selfish choice. She felt like doing something upsetting, but she talked to one of her nearest and dearest about it instead.

Said nearest and dearest pulled me off the ledge. I upset her, but in the end, I made the right choice. It was way better for both of us, and friends are there to be leaned on in moments of weakness.

Yay for me! Yay for leaning on someone, instead of falling down on my own! Yay for growth and change and progress and liking myself more than liking keeping everyone happy! Most of all, yay for colleenrose18, whom I love with all my heart. :)

Goodnight, all. I love you.
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