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Boston was a comedy of errors. We got lost and lost again. Then we got lost some more. We missed most of the things we intended to see and do. We did, however, have a fabulous dinner at a lovely Irish pub. Then we lost the car. Did you get that? We lost the car. It was in a parking garage. Do you know how many parking garages there are in Boston? About a million. We walked around for hours and checked 999,999 of those garages. We never did find the 1,000,000th one. Exhausted and sore, freezing cold (I had left my coat and my cell phone in the car), blistered, on the verge of tears, we hailed a cab and got a ride back to the hotel. We collapsed and slept. The next morning, we got another cab with a sympathetic, wonderful driver. He drove us back into Boston by the convoluted route we took the night before, and lo and behold, the parking garage was right where we'd left it, right around where we wandered for hours. The car was there. It cost $29 to spring her. We were too sore to do anything once we had the car back. We got lost some more. We got back to the hotel, played board games, and drank.

The hotel was interesting. The hallway smelled of sewage the first night, but that dissipated. The tub didn't drain, but that sorted itself out at the last minute. The vent dropped clumps of dust and black schmutz, but it only seemed to do that once. The man at the front desk when we checked in was a complete asshole. We stood and waited and waited. Finally, he came over to check us in. Didn't smile. Wasn't friendly. I said I had a reservation, and he said, "I doubt it, but I'll check. Name?" Asshole! Then he said we were already checked in. Not possible. Then he realized we weren't and said it was hard to tell in the system. Great. Whatever. Maybe an apology would have been nice, but whatever. He was a complete ass. I was so angry!

I know this sounds awful, but it wasn't that bad. I really did have a good time somewhere in there, and it'll make for funny, funny stories. *shrug* I'd like to go back to Boston someday, but I'll take a train or plane to get there and stay very near a train station. No getting lost that way. Indeed. Glad to be home, though it's terribly cold here. Might be time to turn on the heat. Time to unpack for sure.
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