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crashrose is turning 23

Hello all you people out there in LJ land! As you may know, Kate is turning 23 on Halloween (which is the coolest birthday ever), and we would like to have a costume/slumber party (so bring a change of clothes, pajamas, and a sleeping bag). Halloween weekend, Katie will be out of town. Therefore, we're putting 11/8 and 11/15 (both Saturdays) on the table for potential party dates.

Here's your job:

1) Come to the party! (I cannot stress this enough.)

2) E-mail me your address, so we can send you an invitation with directions.

3) Give me feedback via e-mail or LJ on which date works best for you.

4) Tell our friends who aren't on LJ, if you know/see any of them.

P.S. -- Pawuk, this applies to you, too.
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