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Let's recap...

First of all, this weekend went well. It was really, really good to see Jenn. Monday, momtastic came over to Gazelle while I DDR-ed. Yesterday, I went over to saintdani and revvoice's place for Gilmore Girls. Tonight, 1_dumb_mick has invited me to dinner. Thursday, saintdani might come over for some DDR-ing. Friday, momtastic is coming over again for Gazelle/DDR time. Busy week! :) At least I'm doing stuff, particularly the DDR part. I need to get back into it and lose some more weight. I haven't been eating well, and I drink too much.

Saturday, I'm going to see my first Ani concert! w00t! I am very excited and trying hard to learn the new album. Reprieve didn't hook me right away, but it's definitely growing on me. There are a few little gems on there. I can tell it's growing on me because I often want to quote lyrics in everyday conversations. I try not to because that's probably obnoxious and geeky, but a clever turn of phrase is a clever turn of phrase. *nods resolutely*

So, anyway, that's how that's going. I have half a cold, but maybe if I ignore it it'll go away. Oops, time for work!
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