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Sometimes change is not so good...

I only ever use one of the attachments for my hairdryer because I'm remedial. It's the easiest one, the one that eliminates the need to use both a brush and a blow dryer. Today, I decided to try the diffuser. So, I flipped my head upside down, diffused for a while, flipped it back over. Then I glanced in the mirror only to find Rosanne Rosanadana looking back at me. Seriously. If there's one thing my hair doesn't need, it's volume ... apparently. I wonder if I can brush it into submission... Here's hoping!

If there's anything as much fun as misheard song lyrics, it's trying to figure out what the hell actual lyrics mean. I invite you to help me figure out this little gem. You know it; you've heard it; hell, you've sung it. What the hell does it mean?! alannabear, I'm looking at you for some randomness and hilarity on this one. This game is all you!

When we met, I was sure out to lunch.
Now my empty cup is as sweet as the punch.

I assume this line is complimentary, but I don't know why I assume that. Is a sweet empty cup preferable to a sour one or a non-flavored one? Is the cup a metaphor for something? Is this lyric dirty in some way? I can't imagine how... Is cup some kind of play off the "out to lunch," continuing the foody theme? Please do advise. An actual explanation would be nice, but I'll also appreciate, "BECAUSE OF THE ALIENS!!" and other utter ridiculousness. Thanks.
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