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On the impromptu Vermonting

Vermont rocks! I saw a Volkswagen with peace signs all over it with the license plate LEFTIST, parked right behind some unmemorable car with the license plate NADER. Then the grocery store had angry stickers on all the "0 Trans Fat!" foods, warning you that no trans fat doesn't mean healthy and not to buy in to the hype and latest trend. Awesome! Grocery store sticker protests! What a crazy place. **Insert bastardized Voltaire quote here (meh meh don't agree with what you say blah blah schmackity defend to the death your right to say it hoodley hoo)** It was everything I expected, including cold. It was also good to get away and have some girl time with the fabulous saintdani. We don't get to do that very much, and I appreciated the invite and the chatting and the fun. Thank you again, sweetie. I love you bunches.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you the best part about Vermont! While it was fun baking cookies with saintdani and her aunt, and the cute, little town was so quaint and adorable, my very favorite thing would have to be the aisle of the grocery store that contains both beer and cheese. Can we say one-stop shopping?? I'm in love! *swoon!* I didn't have any beer, but just the idea that it was right there, along side the cheese... What a fabulous place! I <3 Vermont
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