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I think I'm nocturnal.

I'm tired all. damn. day. Then it's time for bed, and I'm wide awake! I tried going to bed early last night, and it didn't work. It just gave me more frustrating hours to be awake. Then it was time for work, and I was too tired and shaky to go. So I took a half day. I slept a little this morning, when I should have been working, but what now? Repeat the same fiasco tonight?

I'm not adapting well to 9 - 6 life. Going back to 11 - 8 may help some, but I'm still ridiculous. It's really very frustrating.

A co-worker has suggested something called valerian root (??), which I may have to pick up from the Vitamin Shoppe. Worth a shot. He says it's good at turning your mind off when it's going a mile a minute. I'm sure that's my biggest problem -- I'm always thinking about something when I should be asleep. *sigh*
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