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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

I <3 referencing Hitchhikers' Guide books.

Anyway, I buried (read: flushed) my last fish today. Actually, he's in the freezer, awaiting flushing. Better safe than sorry. I've promptly unplugged and thrown out ever algae-covered bit of fish stuff I ever had, hundreds of dollars worth of tanks, filters, heaters, lights, siphons, foods, medications, nets, scrubbers, water testing kits/strips, water conditioners/additives, feet of tubing, rocks, ornaments, backgrounds ... all of it! It felt good. Now there's one, small area of clean in my apartment -- nay, in my very life.

It's so quiet. There's the constant hum of the laptop fan, but there were always the harmonizing hums of filter and air pump backing it up, constant, for years. It's the end of an era.

I had a rather unpleasant exchange with a rather unpleasant person, which I'd rather not discuss. Well, I guess I wanted to discuss it enough to mention it, but no more. And decidedly whatever. *sigh* :) That feels good, too: whatever.

Last night, I went out to dinner with a couple of work friends and their friends. It wasn't even slightly awkward and uncomfortable, which is new for me. Yay! I did, however, leave before the pub crawl and dancing began. I wasn't about to drink and drive, and I don't dance, at all, period. I had a very good time and learned that I like jambalaya. I wish I could have afforded the seafood jambalaya, but maybe next time.

Next week promises to be eventful. I have dinner with friends on Wednesday, company holiday party on Thursday, Philadelphia on Friday, and drinks with work friends on Saturday. I shall be all over the place!

OK, time to flush Aeneas and then maybe get some more stuff done around here. Or maybe eat something. Or drink something. I feel dehydrated a bit.

Happy Sunday, folks.
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