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Blessed, loved, and pleased as punch!

Why is punch so pleased, anyway? Is it all the liquor?

My mom came down to spend the day with me, and she spoiled the crap out of me as usual. Bailed me out, came bearing gifts, and took me shopping.

Mom brought some Halloween decorations for us, and she got me the new Crest citrus breeze toothpaste. I've been dying to try it! For those of you who don't know, I hate mint in any form, and I literally gag when I brush my teeth. I already know you've never heard of anyone who doesn't like mint (nice to meet you), and I have heard of Tom's of Maine; I just don't like it very much. Bubble gum toothpaste isn't terrible, but it isn't good, either. Cinnamon is just painful, and why would I do that to myself? So, I am VERY excited about this new citrus thing!

We had lunch at Friendly's (one of my very favorite places) and spent the day shopping in Rancocas Woods. It's a little village of very old shops (shoppes, even) that sell candles (I got frozen margarita-scented tea lights), bric-a-brac, chachkas, knickknacks, doodads, curios, dust collectors, and so on. We hit a Halloween store for some costume stuff, too.

By the way, isn't anyone going to let me invite them to the costume party? :( Respond to my post...

Our bedroom has curtains now! We have these really weird, floor-to-ceiling, skinny skinny windows, so Mom made us curtains and bought us curtain rods. No blinding sunlight. Yay!!

It was a really fun day. :)

This just in: the spoiling continues! Crashrose got me a paid LJ account. Woohoo! 12 full months! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!! Now you paid account users have to teach me how to do cool things because I'm not smart.

What a lovely day. Now I'm off to brush my teeth and make some cookies. (Kittengirly, you can expect some for your correct answering of the Statler Brothers' trivia question.)
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