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Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy...

Thursday night: company holiday party went well. I wore a dress, and that was fun for everyone who wasn't me. I had to stand up a LOT! "Let me see your shoes! You look so pretty!" Blah blah blah. On and on like that. Too many compliments. It got very uncomfortable and awkward. I also got glitter ALL OVER my car and my life and everything. It's a scourge. But I had fun. I drank only water because I had to drive. Then I couldn't sleep and was literally up all night. I got home early -- just after 11, after dropping off a friend, who lives far-ish from here -- but I could not sleep.

Yesterday, I worked 8 to 5, so I could leave for Philly. Then I didn't leave for Philly. Instead, I drank my weight in beer with saintdani and company. Note to self: don't drink own weight in beer. Check. I had an awesome time and saw so very many people. We even ran into my surrogate brother Bob. :) I don't think I made too much of an ass of myself until after I got home. Yeah ... sorry about that.

Tonight, I'm supposed to go to a bar to celebrate a work friend's birthday, but I can't seem to find the bar. I really don't feel like drinking again, but I do want to make an appearance, if I can find the freakin' place. Maybe one of my siblings will join me... That'd be nice. :)

For now, I need a nap. There, you're all caught up!
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