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I just ate a Texas Double Whopper meal from Burger King. Why would a person do this to herself? I finished the damn thing! Ugh.

Hopefully today I'll put on some real clothes. (Oh yeah, I drove to BK in my pajamas. The leather trench coat made it OK. I'm awesome; make a note.) That'd be an accomplishment over yesterday. Good weekend, though. Yeah. :) Great weekend.

Monday I start my new position at work, and I'm kind of scared out of my mind. I have a bad feeling. I hope I'm wrong, though. It can't be that bad; I'll be OK. ... Right? At least I'm back to 11 - 8. That works for me. I'm a bad sleeper, so having more time to try helps. I also think I live on the wrong coast because I'm only ever tired when I should be awake, and I get my second wind around 11 at night. Good for Adult Swim; bad for working a normal schedule.

That's enough for now.
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