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Thanks for the warm fuzzies, guys!

Aw! I've had such a warm welcome to the world of Live Journaling! =) saintdani and fasterthanlight have both posted lovely sentiments about me in their journals, and I've gotten oodles of comments on my quirky little posts from them and kittengirly.

This reminds me why I went for the writing degree in the first ... no, second ... no, third place. ;) It's not that I didn't enjoy my time as an engineer (well, actually, I didn't, but I did learn a bit of C++ and some cool tricks in Excel) or that I still don't think all three calculuses were a blast from my math major days, but no one ever laughs at how well you solve a differential equation or passes some of your physics homework along to their friends.

Love me or hate me, but there are telling glimpses of cynthness in everything I write. If they make you laugh or elicit a compliment on my grammar *blushes*, then my work here is done, and I can be a little happier about myself.

You guys rule! I'm so glad we have this handy-dandy way to keep abreast of current events in each other's lives now.
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