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Bitch, leave! (Or my farewell from UCSUR)

As many of you know, I have worked for the Survey Research Program at the University Center for Social and Urban Research for the past two years. Today was my last day, and I got a touching, tearful sendoff. I will miss my job and all the good friends associated with it very much.

You will always have a special place in my heart, and we will keep in touch.

One of my supervisors, Laurel, baked delicious, choclaty, cheesecakey cupcakes for me, and all my supervisors (Laurel, Lynda, and Martha) and buddies in the Justice League (Superman, Wonder Woman, and Flash) signed a card for me. Everyone had only kind things to say, which made me cry, of course.

When Michelle, my Wonder Woman, began to wax nostalgic about my anal-retentive filing system and ubiquitous interoffice memos and to thank me for all my help on the VACS training manual, I started to get teary again. So I told her to knock it off, and she amended her sendoff to the less eloquent, more concise "bitch, leave!"

It's hard to believe I'll never be going back to UCSUR as an interviewer again. It still seems surreal to me, like it really can't be over.

Looking back, I have only positive memories. As jobs go, this was a great one, and I was very fortunate to be employed by SRP for two wonderful years. It was a whole lot of fun, and I'll never forget it.

Thank you, UCSUR. Thank you, Justice League. Thank you, Pittsburgh.
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