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Reign Over Me

This weekend, I saw Reign Over Me. It was incredible. The writing was amazing, and the acting was fantastic. The cast is ridiculous. Everyone is in this movie! I have a new respect for Adam Sandler.

The premise had potential for abuse. They could have used 9/11 as an emotional club to beat you into feeling, but they barely mentioned it and let the story and the characters make you feel. They could have made it overtly and overly political, letting some message overshadow the story. There was none of that. A grieving widower can be an over-the-top protagonist, but this rendering was so real and believable. He was angry and disconnected. He wasn't always sympathetic. It was painful and beautiful, and I loved it.

The ending was not trite or saccharin. It wasn't neatly resolved with all the loose ends tied up in a neat, pretty, Hollywood bow. It was merely hopeful and unsure, like life at its best. There are no guarantees and pat happily-ever-afters. Mental illness is complicated and real. This movie was complicated and real. It was so well done; I can't find the words to explain it.

Go see it, damn it! Then we'll discuss. I'd like that. :)
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