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I bought a bed!

It's arriving Friday. Yay! I bought an awesome bed, too. Not as big as I'd wanted, but big enough. And a sleigh bed. Apparently, I like sleigh beds. Who knew? I got bedding that's just ugly enough (I love ugly), and I bought three new pillows. Why three? I don't know. Couldn't decide.

Now all I have to do is rearrange my life, so a bed fits into it... I'm looking around this placing wondering how they'll ever maneuver it in.

I'm mad at eBay. I bought something more than a week ago, and it hasn't arrived. Booooo! :( Stupid seller.

I am exhausted! Many thanks to momtastic for carting me around today. We had lunch and bought a bed and bought bedding. It took us most of the day.
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