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My irresponsibility knows no bounds!

Tonight, I picked up a few party supplies. (Not enough beer, no ice. Damn! Plenty of wine, though. But only wine I like, nothing dry. Not a good host.) While I'm standing in line at the world's slowest dollar store, my phone rings. I don't pick up because I think it's rude to talk on your phone in a store. Get outside, return the call, decide to catch a movie an hour from here, instead of cleaning, doing dishes, or preparing in any way, shape, or form for tomorrow's festivities.

The movie was awesome: Hot Fuzz. So freakin' funny! Now I must rent Shaun of the Dead. Then it was out for some deep-fried (or deep grilled, if you prefer) diner food and back to the parking garage to say goodnight. That's when the cops showed up.


Yeah, the cops showed up.

At the window of my car.

Which isn't really my car at all; it's a rental.


So, the one cop asked if we were all right. Aside from the embarrassment and feeling like wayward teenagers, we were just fine. The cop took our licenses from us, brought them back to his car, and wrote something down, I guess. Then we were free to go. I can't wait to see the local police blotter tomorrow. Queer not from around here, who is far too old for this sort of thing, caught canoodling in parking garage. No charges have been filed at this time.

In other news, the garage called. I might get my car back tomorrow. Probably not but definitely sooner rather than later. Yay! I miss her so much.
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