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Weekend stuff

Kate and I just got back from her cousin's wedding. It was great! First off, I love her cousin and her new husband. They're very friendly and fun. Also, they had a modified Islamic/Iranian ceremony, which was both cool and interesting. There were a lot of props and symbolism, as well as a lot of people involved. My favorite bit was a woman sewing a tissue to symbolize sewing the tongues of the in-laws, so they stay out of the new couple's affairs. Finally, the food was awesome! Raw oysters, peel-and-eat shrimp, portabello mushrooms with feta and olives, chicken, steak, pasta salad... I didn't even mind the fact that there was no alcohol.

We may have recruited some more of Katie's family members for our party, too. The response rate thus far is not so good...

Still haven't gotten to a doctor. I know, I know! I'm going tomorrow, and everyone has given me every lecture there is, so you're too late. I don't take very good care of myself, but that's because I hate doctors and have never really had a good one. Maybe someday, but whatever.


Well, I am plumb tuckered out, so I'm off to bed. Say a prayer that my interview on Monday goes well (and I don't say things like "plumb tuckered").

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