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Well, crap!

I intended to get up early and go to Motor Vehicle for license plates. It is neither early nor have I been to the MVC today. Tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow.

As for tonight, I'd like to sweep and shower and take a vocational aptitude test I've been meaning to get around to for weeks. Accomplishing all that, there will be hardly anything to think about to keep myself awake all night. Then it will be easy to get up early and go to the MVC for license plates. Right? Right.

I had yesterday off, and I have Friday off, so this week is going to be great, except I miss that girl already. (She's camping.) Friday morning, I HAVE to be up early because the Tastics are heading to Virginia.

Last night, I read some essays I wish I'd read before I saw the last play I saw, all about an interesting era in Russian history and utopias and dystopias and so forth. I have an ever-increasing list of dystopias I'd like to read.

Had a lovely weekend, despite a touch of plague. I have some weird sort of cold that began as a cough, progressed to the sore throat from hell, and is now a deeper, wheezier, more rib-threatening cough. (This feels like the cough that broke my rib.) In any case, I was medicated and spoiled most of the weekend. I saw all three Pirates of the Caribbean movies in one day. I also attended three barbecues (over three days). Hooray for beef!

OK, enough stalling. I have to mail my rent and go to work. There is no point in reading this entry. Now I tell you!
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