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You know what sucks?

Burlington! I HATE Burlington!!! I was there once, and I vowed never to return. That would've been a good vow to keep.

Today, I had to have a drug test. Can't start the new job without one. Their chosen facility is in Burlington, so that's where I went.

To begin, my appointment was at 2. I caught my first bus at 11:50, my second (after a 20 minute layover) at 12:31, and arrived at 2:01. Well, that's when I got off the bus, anyway.

Now, those of you who know me are well aware that I have a difficult time with left and right. My only directions for the alleged .45-mile walk were to proceed going southeast. They may as well have just kept that bit of instruction to themselves. Stupid NJ Transit.

In any case, I went the wrong way. When I corrected my mistake, I realized the bus let me off almost directly in front of the place I was going. I was roughly 20 minutes late. Oh well.

They didn't seem to mind much, though. That, at least, was a good thing. I filled out a form with the standard information: name, birth date, age, address, phone number, social security number ... religion? Are they even allowed to ask me that? Very odd.

I left the drug test and realized two things: I hadn't eaten all day, and I hadn't planned a way to get home. I walked up and down the highway-esque road, and couldn't find a bus stop. Not one! After a long consultation with crashrose (well, several short consultations, actually), I watched the bus I wanted to catch drive past me and stop roughly a block away from where I decided to stop looking for bus stops.

At this point, I decided to have some food and wait around for a couple hours until crashrose left work and could pick me up.

I had some sub-par food at Friendly's (Mom, the Nuts Over Caramel ice cream is almost as good as it looks) and wandered around a strip mall/shopping center. I ended up getting a very cute Squirtle water bottle at a dollar store, and that was the highlight of my day. I bought a newspaper and walked around the shopping center until I found a discarded pen to do the crossword. By the time I got back to my bench and opened my paper, I saw crashrose pulling in; it was around 6:20.

The real irony is that the original trip to Burlington which made me hate it so very, very much occurred when we were looking at an apartment there. I was at the exact same ridiculous bypass we couldn't decipher then today. It cuts through the shopping center where crashrose picked me up this evening. The same stretch of hateful road that made us late for our appointment at the crappy apartment we looked at back then tormented me today with its lack of bus stops.

What a craptacular day!
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