cynth (cynthtastic) wrote,

Not my best

Friday I burned my face with chemicals. Don't feel bad for me -- this was the second time. Yeah. It scabbed this time, which was as funny as it was painful. I'm better now. Ha!

I was not on my best behavior this weekend. First, I ate lots and lots of sushi, but I wasn't allowed to pay for any of it. Also, after not drinking all week, I was loopy on three Michelob Ultras (the girliest of the beers) and couldn't even drive myself home.

Then I couldn't get up in the morning, so we nearly missed the train, by the time we retrieved my car, and had to pay a surcharge to buy tickets on the train, instead of on the platform. I was cranky and hormonal and refused to wear a bathing suit. I don't regret the decision, but I could have handled the presentation of my argument better.

The Mermaid Parade was pretty damn cool, and I'm really glad I finally got to see Coney Island. The ocean was beautiful and calm, and the beach was relatively clean. There were too many people, but there are always too many people.

I ate pizza at Totonno's in Brooklyn. As pizzerias which have always been owned by the same family go, this is the oldest in the US. (There's a better way to say that, and I don't know what it is!) We waited in line for over an hour, and I swear we waited at the table for another half hour at least. The pizza was good and reasonably priced, but you expect a life-altering pizza after that kind of wait, a pizza that makes you wonder how you ever lived without it, a pizza that demystifies life, the universe, and everything. It was great pizza; I hope to have it again. But I will not wait two hours for it the next time. It's not THAT much better than regular pizza. I respect the history, though. That part is very cool. Now I can say I've been there.

I had blisters before we left Brooklyn. I blame the sand in my shoes. Then we walked around Manhattan, I think, a bit. We tried to find a bar and gave up. Then we tried to find a bookstore, and it was closed. Then we went and retrieved some of the best falafel in the city. Then we ate in a circle somewhere. I liked the circle; it was cool and breezy. I smiled. I drank Coke. I like Coke. Then we walked back to the subway. A couple trains and some delirious I've-been-outside-too-long chatter later, we were back near my car, which I was not permitted to drive. I was too sleepy and silly and ridiculous.

Came home, showered, and collapsed.

Sunday was all about sneaky grocery shopping and a hunt for work clothes. You think I'm grumpy in the sun? Take me to a mall sometime. After trying on nine thousand things, I bought one sweater. I got (not bought) a lifetime supply of groceries, and then we had QuickChek for dinner! How silly. We watched Mirror Mask and made s'mores over a candle. Apologies to Steve for blowing him off, but my outdoor activity threshold was met and surpassed on Saturday. Sunday had to be sunless and air conditioned.

I was not on my best behavior, but I did have fun. Hopefully I wasn't too trying. I have barely any sunburn and some interesting stories to tell. It's good to experience life ... once in a while. :) Heh. I'll get better.

Memorable Quotes:
"I brought two hairbrushes to keep at your place. THEY DO DIFFERENT THINGS!"
I love this one because it preemptively and accurately answered any smartass comment I could (and would) have made next.

"You sound just like that guy! Help me out. You know who I'm talking about. From that show. The ghost. You know, Ghost to Ghost."

"Space Ghost: Coast to Coast?"

"Yeah! The bird!"

Then my face went ??!!?

"Come on! You know! The bird. Or the ant. Whatever."

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